Christmas is Fake

by on December 09, 2015

So what’s wrong with celebrating Christmas? Check out this video and found out.

3 comments on “Christmas is Fake

  1. I believe in the powers and greatness of Christs. I decided NOT to celebrate Christmas using the birth of Christ as I don’t really think Christ was born on Christmas day when I see the celebration contains snow man and clowns with hats and all that. I think December 25th is like a WINTER FESTIVAL. I don t want to take advantage of Christ to have fun in this greedy world when people make money by hook and crook to have booze and bustle to get over winter blues or depression.

    I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHEN JESUS WAS BORN. Not all things in the holy bible are TRUE AND CORRECT including the statement that the earth is flat. I want to know the truth and true knowledge like any human would want.

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