Bible Sabbath Fellowship February 10th, 2017 @ 10pm est

by on February 08, 2017

Host Paul Nison and 9 other guests fellowship and talk about Bible topics.

4 comments on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship February 10th, 2017 @ 10pm est

  1. Michelle. Torok. on said:

    Shalom! I’m interested in your opinion on Alan Horvath teachings and Hallelujah Scriptures. He teaches the old Aramaic Hebrew. I’m in UK and searching for the truth! I’ve attended different”churches” but felt spiritually unfed. Jewish ways are appealing to me very strongly but sadly there is no messianic places to worship in near me, so I rely on internet study. Thank you for your studies, a blessing indeed.

      • Shalom Michelle, I am also in the UK searching for the real truth.What a journey! Shame there are no places to worship and fellowship with like minded people. I too have discovered messianic judaism however the only connections are via the internet in USA. At the moment Meanwhile I just focus on keeping theSabbath, commandments (torah) and feast days.
        Where abouts in the UK are you? I’m south near the sea.

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