The Spouse Who Doesn’t Keep Torah

by on January 09, 2015

Here is a google hangout video interview I did with Donna. She talks about how to deal with a spouse who doesn’t keep torah and the way to handle the situation according to Yeshua.

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  1. We’ve just witnessed how women are to submit to their husbands as their coverings; meaning, they are expected to go along side and participated with Christmas activities to a certain extent. But when the roles are switched, the situation gets a bit more complicated. When a husband’s eyes have been opened, his responsibility is to love his wife and submit to Yeshua as his covering. Loving his wife involves providing for her physically, financially, emotionally and most important, spiritually. Yes, this also involves a great amount of patience and understanding. We are certainly not supposed to go about things with an iron fist of Torah, but יהוה does expect us to stand firm upon our convictions. Back in December of 2007, I was going through the beginning processe of a divorce; my wife and I had separated. it was about that same time, that my eyes were opened to Torah. About 3 weeks into the proceedings, my wife was found to be with child; so after much prayer, I decided to annul the divorce, praying for יהוה to give me wisdom to repair the damages to our relationship. Now, in 2015, we’re still together, I believe for what we think is the betterment of our son. Our struggles are continually draining me emotionally and spiritually. Six and a half years later, she is still reluctant to try and support an even partial obedience to Torah. She tolerates my beliefs, but prefers tradition over the commandments. It is my hope and prayer that when Yeshua sets up His kingdom, that she will finally submit to Him if not me.

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Jason, hang in there. Yeshua’s time for us lasted much more than 6 years. Yahweh knows what is going on and he will bless you. It is good your wife tolerates your beliefs and you hers. It is not easy, but stay strong and stay focused on Him and you will be fine.

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