If you are a Christian, please see this video.

by on February 05, 2012

If you are a Christian looking to explore the Torah Life, welcome. Please see this important video and check out the videos in the category on this website called, “For Christians”
As believers we have been giving instructions of the way to follow Messiah. What way will you Choose?
It says in Matthew 6:21, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”

9 comments on “If you are a Christian, please see this video.

  1. Gregory on said:

    Hey Mr. Nison. I’m definitely a health nut, just came across your works today. I would like to share with you fossilizedcustoms.com because i would really love to see Yashral come together. It is my longing. I hope all the best for you my friend. Shalom.

  2. Michael on said:

    Hello Paul,

    I am a successful Christian minister of Jewish heritage, and I have been terribly convicted by the scriptures. I have known for many years that most of the Christian church has deviated so far from the heart and will of Messiah that they are in fact lost. My family and I have recently started keeping Shabbat. I have started learning Hebrew. We do conferences, train leaders and so much more. I am recognized as a prophetic voice among several church streams. The big question, “What do I do, now?’

    I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers on this matter.


    • tlmadmin on said:

      Continue to read, learn and take action. Keeping the instructions, Torah is the way Yeshua wanted us to live. IT’s not too late. I’m here to help you learn and so are many others. Every person who says Yeshua is Messiah should follow Torah.

  3. Hi Paul, My father sent me one of your youtube videos and I’ve been hooked on your channel ever since. Please keep posting great testimonies they bring me such joy to hear others coming to torah. I am new to all of this as the YHWH brought me to the Truth through a crazy route starting with Illuminati and NWO order junk… little did I know unvieling would lead me here. But it feels amazing to be in the TRUTH.


  4. Shalom….this is the first time I use this word ! !!!but I just wanna say Im from Puerto Rico and I am a baptist but I do think we should follow God word it’s not just grace but blessing we need as well ,,, I have a six mon.beard and I agree what you say God put it there for a reason !…….I wanna learn more about raw foods diet …do you do conventions in Puerto Rico ? And if you do …please let me know ! Shalom second time ….

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