Divorced? You Are Not Alone

by on January 09, 2017

For the many people out there who are going through hard times in their relationship this video is for you. You are not alone.

4 comments on “Divorced? You Are Not Alone

  1. Kevin Bair on said:

    A house divided cannot stand….when God created man it wasn’t the church that followed in order of significance but marriage and family. Satan knows you break up the family, you break up a nation and a people.
    Thank Yahweh for Yeshua, who reconciles all things! I pray Godly women will honor their marriages and husbands and Godly men step up to love their wives with resilient dedication….we have become wimps!
    No easy answers when it comes to divorce but I know He has mercy and love for us whatever state we are in!

  2. Gretchen Lewis on said:

    Wow. Paul, thank you. Just yesterday I had a major “meltdown” with God in my conversation. Just out of patience and feeling very alone without other fellowship- wondering if God even cares/knows my situation. Today I stumbled upon on your video- (though I know it wasn’t by accident). YHWH knew the encouragement I needed to continue. Just really wanted to thank you!

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