Colossians 2:16 Who is judging who?

by on April 28, 2014

In this verse who is really judging who?

Therefore no one is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day–
-Colossians 2:16

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  1. Hey Paul, I have a situation at my congregation with this very thing… I am on a quest to find for myself if Yahweh actually commands us to eat healthy. I found a scripture I find is often used to defend a unhealthy way of eating on the sabbath (of all days). Romans 14:1-23. I have been offering an alternative to the soda and high sugary drinks and bringing my vita mix to fellowship and making smoothies for everyone. My heart in this is that so many people are sick, and have health issues and they are not taking the steps (especially on the sabbath) to take care of their temples. I ear over and over these people defend their unhealthy diet in so many ways. I am trying to be a light, and share what I understand and share my resources.Only when asked, and only when its prompted by others for the most part do I share. So I have come to a point that I might have to confront my leadership because I feel that I might have offended them by offering an alternative or sharing when asked. I understand that life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. But I have come to know a lot of truth and been made aware of a lot of things along the way. I want to respectfully and prayerfully attempt to confront this because I have been met with much opposition. I do not think that healing primarily comes through diet and such. I do how ever believe that diet and spiritual and emotional and physical are all linked. I do believe that first we are healed by Yeshua and the forgiveness of sin. I also believe if we know better and know of a better way we should be walking in it. Many say it doesnt matter. Its been said that drugs are like that dirty water the leper had to dip into 7 times. I dont see that in scripture.i have personally seen that through obeying the convictions I have about the temple that We have been blessed in more ways than can be numbered. I have a new reverence for what we put in our bodies.I have proven that it is a lie that we can’t afford to eat healthy. We have a 5 person family and are managing thanks to our Creator’s provision. People are intimidating and hard to confront on this because they assume we are being snobby and are taking scripture out of context. When I think that is in fact what they are doing. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Kim Bolewine on said:

    Hello Paul,
    I found these scriptures in the Orthodox Jewish Bible, I think in Deut. and the word in parenthesis referring to the law as our “Governess”. This feminine name made me think of the word “Wisdom” in the book of Proverbs and how that word is also referred to in the feminine sense as “she”. Then when I read the book of proverbs in light of the word wisdom referring to the Torah, it made so much more sense to me than every before. Do you believe this is the correct understanding of the word wisdom, as referring to Torah…that we are saved by the blood of Messiah, but the Torah is our instruction of His wisdom and protection.

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