Romans 10:4 Is This Really The End Of The Law?

by on May 02, 2014

Understanding Romans 10:4 and the Law.

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  1. Jordan on said:

    I am a new believer in god and am so glad. I have a few questions if it’s possible for you to answer? There’s so many different ‘opinions’ that I feel May be incorrect and I just wish to follow the right path towards god.. Whom I accept as my saviour. I have tried leaving a comment on an old video of yours. It’s mainly about why Jews don’t believe Jesus was the messiah? I can’t seem to get my head around the so called prophecies that haven’t been fulfilled and do not want to believe in the wrong thing. Thank you.

  2. Bruce E on said:

    Acts 15: vs 1 they the apostles are talking about the law of Moses and if the Gentiles were required to keep it . vs 8 – 10 Peter testifies that God gave them the Holy Spirit the same as us . Then talking about the law vs 10 Why do you test God by putting a yoke on the neck of the disciples that neither us or our fathers could bear . vs 20 – 21 James says that the gentiles stay away from Idols and sexual immorality and vs.24 the Apostles write to the church in Antioch and state you are not required to keep the law .You have to remember Jesus said in John 18: vs 20 I pray not for these alone but for all that believe in me through their word speaking of the Apostles . Galatians 4 ; vs 4 – 5 Jesus was sent to redeem those who are under the law . I don’t understand how you can teach that the Gentile churches were ever taught that the law was required .

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Bruce please see more of my videos I clearly explain the law Yeshua did away with vs. The commandments of God that no where in the bible does it say we no longer need to follow. We hare just not doing them anymore to be saved because only Yeshua can do that, but we are still doing them because it is our fathers will and we are blessed for keeping them.

  3. Another great message and revelation. in the last 24 hours I have learned what I probably could have been over 24 years. Praise God hallelujah. I’m sure he will use that for a good purpose. The videos are definitely the way to go brother Paul. Thank you so much. It’s all about translation. I need a Hebrew English Bible to add to my Arsenal!! Lol.

  4. Shalom Rabbi Paul
    Thank you so much for your great insight regarding keeping torah and addressing mistranslations in scripture. Growing up i was very confused regarding God the bible right from wrong. In the midst of all this confusion and indoctrination and Mania i found it easy and common place to disregard the bible seeing as many of my peers and siblings aren’t believers. Throughout my life and education i have learned that the simplest truth can be learned from reading the bible i was taught basic bible stories growing up which i loved. I knew my ancestry and jewish roots and was taught about universal brotherhood peace and a loving merciful God . I always found it absurd when scripture never got his name right. I take offense to this now as i spent many years confused. As time went on i wavered as many youth do and at some point i even almost gave up all together.I felt despised in public schools and felt the need to be accepted by others i was the sort of kid who wanted to be what i saw on tv or follow what others did. While at the same time in my delusion i was fighting lies and letting my pride take over while venting my anger at others. I started to become the bully i joined the wrestling team in high school i was good i learned all the techniques i could have been a champion if i had the conviction and discipline. Knowing what i know now i have to first lose my pride. I. Inevitably was humbled 2 1/2 years down the road i had my arm broken in a sparring match. After wrestling i would go eat McDonalds. I would play video games to escape stress and listen to rap. That hurt my ego was crushed but god was with me in my brokenness and the surgeon put together my broken pieces. I felt even more hurt when not many people wanted to sign my cast. …I was afraid of fighting but my ego said fight so i went back to wrestling i eventually would give it up the the risk of getting hurt again wasnt worth it. I would later take psychology my last year of high school and i learned nothing about my own mind. I only found more of the same. Reliving my past is somewhat melancholy to me now that if feel hope again i don’t want to run away from my father i want to help one people like when i was young and innocent.Listening to bishop never helped me i have to follow my intuition thibk for myself and walk by sight. My sins put me in a dark place i don’t want to relive when i would talk to many people they would never shine light they would point me in the wrong direction every time. When i would ask others in regards to how to live they would tell me the old testament is abolished and i thought to myself how can that be true? I watched many pastors they would say the glory of the past is no more. That’s when i looked it up i found your ministry ! Thank you paul so much for speaking truth! I hope father blesses you with all the. raw organic fruits you deserve ! I no longer want to live like the world ! Hallelujah! Praise God ! I want to learn Hebrew i want to go to israel learn apologetics and do the will of God. Have a real relationship with messiah.I know walking in Messiah’s footsteps will not win me any popularity contests.Thank you for sharing your truths with me and the community i appreciate it truly. I have but one question if you could answer i read online pertaining to messiah a website saying in the 14 century leanardo da vinci painted him white with long hair and this was a feminine characteristic could you clear this up for me thank you peace be upon you brother also if you could shine any light on what scripture says about messiahs complexion?

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