Why I follow the Bible and always will

by on November 14, 2014

This woman was a living the Christian life until she discovered information that will change her life forever!

3 comments on “Why I follow the Bible and always will

  1. This testimony set off my decision to cover my head and encouraged me to be bold in my future steps towards Abba Yah’s Torah. As well as being a relief to hear another young lady speak confidently of Abba Yah’s Truth, you have no idea how much this has blessed my soul.

    Shalom Alechiem!

  2. Can you speak the name of God ?
    Can you stand by his presence by speaking his name?
    If you are not of a pure hearth and perfect you will be torn to pieces by your sin. God is. Let him fill your hearth thill it is full. There is no name that you can speak that will let your hearth be full. Dont try to lock God in cage meade from letters or of your understanding of that wchich is hidden.
    Remeber always taht God our father is one.

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