God Hates The Sin and The Sinner!

by on July 06, 2015

Our Creator Hates The Sin and The Sinner

If I stand on a corner with a sign saying something like, “God Hates Sin!” I don’t think too many people would get upset.

Non-believers of the Bible don’t understand what “sin” is and believe it is a Christian thing for Christian people.

You may be surprised, but most Christians don’t even understand what sin is and those who do are not affected personally by this sign because it is not about a person, but an action.

They may even agree with the sign because they believe in the unbiblical saying “God hates the sin, not the sinner.”

Did you know that saying is nowhere in the Bible and Mahatma Gandhi actually made that saying famous in a 1929 autobiography.

According to the Bible, the definition of sin is actually transgression of God’s commandments (1 John 3:4) and Our Creator hates the sinner along with the sin. (Psalm 5:5, Psalm 11:5)

Now, if I stood on a corner with a sign that said something like, “God Hates Sinners!” it would surely get more of a reaction from people because now you are not only talking about an action, but a person.

Still, there are those who are clueless to what sin is and they would not give the sign much thought.

If I actually named the sin, all people, including Christians, would show a really negative response, especially if it is a sin they are guilty of.

For example, a sign saying, “God hates people who murder babies!” or “God hates Homosexuals!” would surely get more attention than “God Hates Sin!”

People need to be educated and we must stop sugar coating the truth! Learn what sin is and understand, God hates sinners and sinners are not getting into the kingdom.

Repent and sin no more!
Translation, turn from your ways and follow Yahweh’s instructions. (The Torah)

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  1. Love, ahava is often translated as devoted or faithful, to the King and His Kingdom, and Kingdom Covenant.

    G-d hates, likewise is not about a feeling or emotions; is about lack of faithfulness, devotion. Why does it say G-d hates Essau? As Essau dishonored his father, neglected his responsiblity as firstborn, and sold his birthright for soup. Essau refused to have devotion to His father’s ways, father’s G-d.

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