Live Shabbat Hangout July 3rd 10pm est.

by on July 03, 2015

Paul Nison, Teddy Wilson and 9 other guests talk about Bible Topics.

Here is this weeks Torah Portion from Paul Nison
#40 Balok (Numbers 22:2-25:9)

Here is this weeks Torah Portion from Teddy Wilson

7 comments on “Live Shabbat Hangout July 3rd 10pm est.

  1. Chad on said:

    You didn’t explain why you are wearing short sleeves now (and under ware, at that) When you lift up you arms while talking, you can see all the way up your arm. Wonder what Gilbert V. will think? 🙂
    We still love ya brother!

  2. Michelle on said:

    Do you have a teaching on all the abominations?
    Because as the sister sadi it is ipening up door to witness.

  3. Francine on said:

    My friend has a daughter who is transitioning to a man. She is supporting her daughter and has lost all of her immediate family relationships. My question is how can we criticize what we don’t understand? Is it not a deformity that should be remedied through surgery say like a cleft pallet?

  4. Michelle on said:

    Is it nessasary to be baptized in living /moving water? Because thats why they want to get rebaptised.from what they read… they are fairly new believers out if Christianity

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