If wine is okay in the Bible, what about marijuana?

by on June 24, 2014

Why do believers say it is okay to drink alcohol but not okay to take marijuana? Are either okay according to the Bible?

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  1. Pastor Morris T. Chea on said:

    I want to understand the Torah and later become a member of the Torah Life Ministries and establish it in Liberia, West Africa.

  2. Pastor Michael Gray on said:

    Amein Brother. I am a novice user of Facebook and would like to know how to post this video on my Facebook page.

  3. Jenny Olson on said:

    I live in Colorado so this is so relevant right now. Colorado is has one of the highest alcohol per capita ratings along with the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012. Thank you for addressing this as I often need to first correct my heart and handling of alcohol before I react to the clouds of smoke here in Denver. Please continue to speak out about this! Thank you so much for your ministry!

  4. Myrna Taylor on said:

    My Brother, Mr. Nison,
    I used medical cannabis for Triple-negative breast cancer, & pain after 10 rounds of chemo, & a Mastectomy. I have search scripture and have only found in Revelation 22:1-3 as an answer to is it ok to use cannabis for part of my healing. Thank you for clearing up this question in my heart. Keep up the good work as the watchman. again Bless you & Thank you. Shalom

  5. I recently watch another one of your videos on this same subject and noticed your shirt you were wearing said Yeshua saves. Surely you know Yahushuas name means Yahuwah saves, not jesus/Yeshua saves. Also isn’t Yeshua an acronym for may his name be blotted out forever? Ha”Mashiach came in His Father name HallelueYAH, not HalleluYES. People who are named after Elohim do not have Yes in their name they have Yah or IAH. Also the feast of sukkot we are told to drink wine during this feast.
    Love you brother, I hope you address my concerns and thanks for your videos as I do like most of them and watch your morning prayers.

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Shalom Timothy, I believe his name is correctly spelled Yeshua, but I respect other people’s ideas of how to spell them. I don’t have time to address this topic because there are too many names and variations of how people choose to spell it. You say one way, someone else will say another. It is becoming a big destruction to people in my opinion. As for drinking wine I have many many videos on the topic. I am 100% against the use of drinking any mind-altering drink. I know what the scriptures say about wine and pray people figure it out. ti’s not wise to use wine.

  6. Sir I want to thank you for you video this morning it was amazing! and Im not saying that lightly as I know puffing people up is a form of lashon Hara. I looked up and copied into my notebook almost every scripture reference you made, I can understand your opinion on the name Yehsua as it was used many times in scripture and Yahushua was only used twice, keeping with the law of not speaking Elohims name. anyways I am sure your busy and thanks for replying. Im sure you know for just thinking on HIs name their is a blessing and if you do ever want to discern more information I am not the man with that knowledge but i do know where to find that man and he is can be found here.https://www.youtube.com/user/messengerofthename
    Also I am having trouble finding where I can read along with the morning prayers could you please help me find it so I can read along with you? Thanks and I look forward to learning more from you tomorrow. Shalom Brother.

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