Hurricane Update. It’s Coming. Please help me!

by on September 06, 2017
As hurricane Irma is about to hit exactly where I live, please help me get the message out about our Yeshua Our Messiah. 

There is so much fear. People everywhere are rushing to the local supermarket, clearing the shelves of water and other items. 

Help me get this important message out that they do not need to worry if they put their faith and trust in Yeshua! 

The best way you can help me at this point is to pray and send share this video link  

Pray, Praise, Proclaim, Read, Repent and Submit

11 comments on “Hurricane Update. It’s Coming. Please help me!

  1. Carol Lucy Gapol-Bowen on said:

    Will do, as I cry and pray for YHVH”s will, my heart goes out to all…I too have family in the area as well as Houston..thank God they were okay but all are in my prayers, May He be with you and yours now, shalom

  2. Golanv Waya on said:

    I shared your message Paul on my facebook. Stay safe brother if you need to get out of there please do. I lost everything to a storm when I lived on the coast in Mississippi. It is tough. May Yah bless you and all in the path of this storm with His protection.

  3. Blood on the door post for protection… Let the revenger know that you are one of Yah’s and he is to pass over you. Much love and prayers.

  4. Praying and asking for Yahovah’s mercy for all in the path of Irma. Asking that the strength of the storm would diminish and disperse with no loss of life and minimum damage. You and your family are in my prayers.

  5. Luciagarcia on said:

    My,brothers I will be pray in for all. Your family may our king yahshuah procte you. For all the family’s they need help .please need and pray I’m moving to Seattle wa. but I was Waching the news. They been a lot fire. And different palaces .my family I me be moving next month please. Keep us and pray thank you so much my brother’s.your sister. Follow of. Yahweh our Mariah yashua.amen

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