How to be blessed by Yahweh

by on December 30, 2017

How to be blessed by Yahweh

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  1. Kevin Bair on said:

    Hi Paul if Yeshua removed the curse of sin and death, are the curses mentioned in Deut 28 removed as well? Have been trying to research this. Thanks for any insight,

    • tlmadmin on said:

      HI Kevin, Yeshua’s death is not a excuse to live in sin. The mercy and grace we get is time to figure it out but the curses will still come to us if we are breaking the Torah on purpose. The grace if for those who are trying.

  2. Michael W Cuber on said:

    Good message Paul, Christians fail to realize that their doctrine of “the Law is Done Away” was a product of Roman Law after the Second Jewish Revolt where anything even remotely considered “Jewish” was prohibited, such as circumcision, kashrut, and Shabot.
    These were the very things given by God that made the Jewish people a Peculiar People to YHVH, but the Roman System (World System) didn’t want to be Peculiar to God, but instead tore down the institutions set in place by Him.
    The Western Churches are full of people suffering the Curses; the have Bibles with the Torah in them, but the Roman institution is keeping them away 2000 years later–the Reformation never finished the Job!
    Shalom B’Yeshua HaMeshiach.

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