How To Keep Passover If You Are A Believer In Yeshua

by on March 23, 2015

Chaim Goldman and His wife Kim are Jewish Believers in Yeshua. They will be hosting a live google hangout Tuesday March 24th, about how believers should keep Passover.

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  1. Chaim, a few questions if I may. I watched the replay on how to keep the Passover. Wish I could have been there for the live. Something I never did before was take out beans, rice, pasta. Wondering about canned beans, refried beans/can? Was told that giving the things away was like giving sin to someone else. Glad I don’t have to worry about that. Also that we couldn’t take them off our property and then retrieve them afterwards, which I did a few times. I agree that the scripture says that it just has to be off your property. My question is about the can items and the other is about the sedar meal. I’ve never done that. Is it required? What items do I need for the complete sedar meal? What piece of lamb do I need to get? Shank portion? What if I am not able to get these things, since I am an hour away from a larger city? What would be a simple sedar meal, if there is such a thing. I wanted to come to Charlotte for Rood’s Passover, but it was just to expensive, over a thousand dollars for everything time said and done. Also I am alone for Passover. I see that I am able to invite a friend to keep it with me. She is a believer, but does not keep Sabbath. I have been working on her for a long time. But she doesn’t have internet capabilities and I don’t seem to be able to convert anyone, except for one other friend. I have a lot of bible knowledge, but learning Torah more and more. Was taught before that you couldn’t keep Passover unless you were baptized, I am but I don’t think my friend is. Thanks for your answers and opinions. Like your idea about travelling around. Maybe I can help later. Not working right now. Wanting to go to another country and spread the gospel. Hopefully find people who want to hear the truth about the Sabbath. Leave the U.S. to you and the others. Shalom, Steve

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