Yeshua (Jesus) Said… (Matthew 8:5-29) Part 24

by on September 02, 2014

This is the 24 part of the Yeshua said series. In this video we talk about what Yehsua said to the about healing and faith.

4 comments on “Yeshua (Jesus) Said… (Matthew 8:5-29) Part 24

  1. The true followers of Yeshua (even today) can cast out demons,evil spirits and heal those who are sick. Yeshua’s examples of these things are for us to help others today also, that is why He did these healings, to help those who needed them and give those who were following Him the faith, and power to follow His example.

  2. cliff goodman on said:

    joyce, your comment are interested, but where is the evident of healings and casting demons today?


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