What Happend To This Christian Couple When They Found Torah (Part 1)

by on January 05, 2014

See what happened to this Christian couple once they found Torah. This is part 1 of 2.

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3 comments on “What Happend To This Christian Couple When They Found Torah (Part 1)

  1. Michele on said:

    After studying the book of Hebrews and Isaiah for two years in our church we have come to the conclusion that we need to understand the Bible from the Hebrew approach. We have just switched this last week to Saturday Sabbath service- no longer Sunday- this has reduced our church size to 1/4 of our original size with people leaving every week. Through this experience I have been drawn to these videos of Torah Life ministries as an oasis. I must say this and others have shown me what more may come as we wk a “set apart” lifestyle. I fear that although my spirit says yes to all you are saying, my flesh is struggling as I attempt to look through the eyes of my extended family at myself. However my immediate husband and children have begun by purging Christmas (Halloween and Easter long ago) and embracing the feasts and Sabbath. I ask for prayer that my flesh does not lead me to sin against Yah. Any advice for “new” believers through the Hebrew understanding?

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