Time We Should Eat According to The Bible

by on December 29, 2014

If we follow the plan of our Creator we wouldn’t eat at night time. Check out this video and see why that is.

One comment on “Time We Should Eat According to The Bible

  1. My dad always used to say: “some people live to eat! while others eat to live!”
    Dear Paul, Love your videos! However, ive recently discovered that “the pig” is used in the uk in over 180 different ways! Its in shampoos, toothpaste,soaps toiletries, chocolate mousse, sweets, cereals, medicines,biscuits, some beers, and loads more stuff! I feel sick!!! I keep Torah, eat clean foods, keep away from pig meat, yet Im innocently washing my hair in pig, cleaning my teeth with pig, washing my body with pig! Pig is in almost everything in the uk. Help Paul! Im bowing my head in prayer and its full of pig, Im uttering prayers with my mouth thats been cleaned with piggy toothpaste! I need your help!

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