Heavenly Measurement

by on December 11, 2020

Heavenly Measurement

(#343 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

The Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent men take it by force [as a precious prize—a share in the heavenly Kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion within]. (Matthew 11:12)

We must continually climb higher. Yesterday’s thoughts should always stand under the scrutiny of today’s new heights of revealed wisdom and understanding. Yes loved one, every day should be a day of advancement, stretching vision and intertwining new realities. There is a magnificent supernatural web that connects everything, and acknowledging it brings glory to the Father.

What does it mean to know Yahweh? May we suggest that a strong indicator is that you have an understanding and appreciation for how He operates His Heavenly Court? May we also suggest that the opposite true? A lack of understanding and appreciation for His Heavenly Court limits your knowledge of the Most High.

And so as we advance, the new standards become the next highest branch on the Tree of Life. With each new revelation, yesterday’s mishaps are no longer excusable, yesterday’s ignorance is no longer tolerable, and yesterday’s increase is no longer the utmost. We climb each successive branch toward the top of the Tree of Life to the throne room of the King (the highest branch, “Keter” which means the “crown” or “I Am” branch), where His Son sits at His right hand and the Holy Spirit at His left in His Heavenly Courtroom.

And of the longest branch heading towards Keter, we find that which represents the body (totality of thoughts) that Yahweh decrees for His chosen children, and goes by the name “Tifereth.” It means “beauty; glory; or glorious.” It inspires thoughts that will cause you to proclaim the very essence of its meaning; “That is so beautiful.” Yahweh’s truth is beautiful. It is the expression of the wisdom, vision, and the new reality that you are now capable of perceiving.

In that beauty you are taken to an even higher place and deeper revelation. New doors open and you receive more clarity from the voice within, from the mind of the Messiah. “Take the next step,” it whispers. “There is another branch waiting.” Then everything changes loved one, everything changes.

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