Christians – Are you a real believer or a make believer?

by on August 27, 2017

Because the system of Christianity has been teaching lies to the church members, many of them are no longer followers or believers of Yeshua. In this message I tell everyone how to be sure your heart is truly wanting to follow Yahweh. The Bible gives us the greatest thing to reveal this truth of where we stand in our walk and in our faith.

3 comments on “Christians – Are you a real believer or a make believer?

  1. Nancy Taylor on said:

    Hi Paul, Thank you for this very encouraging message. I have passed this to my neighbor, a 28-year-old single girl. I hope and pray she can be healed with your message.

    You have been given such a wonderful gift by YHWH — the ability to explain what is important in a way that becomes easier for a sinner such as myself to understand and begin a new pathway to salvation. Praise Yahweh for this!!

  2. Barnabas Gray on said:

    Thank you for this message.I am a subscriber to your ministry and that is how I found this message. I’ve often said Christianity is a cult. The reason I say this is because of many of the things you covered in this message. Christianity teaches people the wrong way of life that goes against the Torah.

    I was a Christian until the Ruach HaKodesh opened my eyes and heart to the Torah. I’ve never been to a Christian church that teaches the truth. They revel in the false holidays, they eat pork and shellfish, they play like halloween is okay because they offer alternatives instead of not even recognizing the day as something special. They don’t even know the significance of the Sabbath. They celebrate pagan holidays that are wrong. Preachers are getting rich when they have members in their church that don’t have food to eat or clothes for their children.

    When I began to follow the Torah life I had family and friends to said we were wrong because Yeshua did away with all of this. Then not having an open heart and mind to be shown how wrong they are.

    I know what is required by Yahweh to live life and live life abundantly. Many Torah believers don’t have places to worship and like minded people to fellowship with. My wife and I are in this situation. There isn’t anywhere where we live to having fellowship except on the internet. I have also found as many wrong teachings from Messianic preachers as there are preachers that do the same on Sunday. It is very hard for us to live as we should because there is no accountability, no friends, family that have turned against us. This is exactly what the Word said. We do keep the Sabbath and follow kosher eating, but find it very difficult to keep the feasts. We have prayed and prayed that Abba Yah would help us to find a place where we can fellowship and to be taught correctly.

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