Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday July 21st, 2017 @ 10pm est

by on July 21, 2017

Join Paul Nison and 9 other guests and we fellowship and discuss bible topics.

Please keep this ministry in prayer
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Here is the Torah Portion
for this Shabbat 
Torah Portion #42 Mattot
(Numbers 30:2-32:42)

3 comments on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday July 21st, 2017 @ 10pm est

  1. Yvonne Pina Silva on said:

    Hi Paul, Praise Yaweh for your obedience. I have been listening to you on u-Tube for approx. 3 years. I have learned so much- I now acknowledge the Shaboth, I wear all natural fabrics, I eat fruits & vegetables (no meat) and I cover my head. I also learned how to make tzit tzit. I try to live according to the Torah. Thank you.

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