Yeshua or Jesus, What Is The Correct Name?

by on February 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered how we got the name Jesus? The true name of Messiah is Yeshua. So is it okay to use Jesus? In this video we talk about this.

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3 comments on “Yeshua or Jesus, What Is The Correct Name?

    • Tim Cross on said:

      According to Mark from the messenger of the name twice in the Masoretic text the Mashiachs name was use in its full form as Yahiushua. Dont we say HalleluYah not HalleluYES. Also many people in the Tanak have Elohims name in theirs, none have YES in their name.
      Yeshua is a jewish acronym for may his name be blotted out forever.

  1. There are two verses that undeniably to me years ago that the Messiah has the same name as “Joshua” son of Nun (since the “J” was a “Y” sound, it would be “Yahshua”). Check for yourself….compare these two verses in a KJV with most other versions (inc. NKJV). You will see “Jes-s” in the KJV but other versions “Joshua” because it is referring to Joshua, son of Nun. Perhaps the translators were so intent to take out the name of the Messiah, they changed it where it should not have been! Most other versions have corrected the ERROR.

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