Walking with Yahweh

by on May 03, 2020

The Eastern Gate

(#126 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)


Then the Spirit lifted me up, and brought me to the East gate of the House of Yahweh, which faces eastward. (Ezekiel 11:1)

And they knew that it was he who sat at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple; and they were filled with amazement and wonder, because of what had happened to him. (Acts 3:10)

Erroneously titled the “third eye,” or craftily diminished under “new age” philosophy, this Gate, the entrance into the Temple within, is the doorway that unlocks all patterns to the mind being perfected. Stolen wisdom once hijacked by “other religions” will now be reclaimed by its rightful owners! In Yahweh’s Name, we take it back and claim it as the “by invitation only” entrance into the perfect conscience (the Mind of Yahweh), granted to those He calls sons and daughters, and to no others.

Oh take me through your Beautiful Gate and heal my inner being. Let shame, guilt, and unworthiness be washed away in Your springs of love. Remove the lies that were seared into my soul since childhood. Create a manifest presence of Your Being inside me, which cures all that ails. Your Son is my freedom ticket to enter, to pass through, to be cleansed, and to find peace. Oh Abba, take me through Your Beautiful Gate so that I might bask in Your presence.

Remember the pattern that Yahweh has declared to be the “proof” that legitimizes everything that He has decreed; the proof is power! Stolen wisdom means corrupted power. Perfect wisdom brings power that is pure and righteous. The time on earth is now!

In Hebrew thought, east signifies “front, project, illuminate, meet.” He has opened the Beautiful Gate to His presence for such a time as this!

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