Pride, Humility and Honor

by on May 04, 2020
Any of you who think you have a strong relationship with Yahweh and can NEVER betray him need to hear this video.
We need to humble ourselves and understand how wicked our flesh really is and how the enemy is just waiting for us to slip up so he can get to us.
My prayer today is that we can all humble ourselves and let go of pride. Everything we have is because of him.
Stop taking selfies of yourself, glorifying yourself, talking about yourself. Tell the world about Yeshua editing for us all. Use your time wisely and be humble!


Is it Me- The Betrayer?

(#127 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

When evening came, Yahshua was reclining at the table with the twelve and while they were eating, He said, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray Me.” (Matthew 26:20-21)

Twelve men, one would betray. Tell Me what you know about the heart (mind) of man. What was each individual’s mindset after Yahshua made the statement, “One of you will betray Me?” Search your own heart before you answer. Answer honestly. If you have eyes to see, here is what you may have come up with.

Consider that this is what might have taken place that night. The immediate heart reaction of all twelve was that they were frightened and each thought: “It might just be me.” After moments pass, ten of the twelve convince themselves that they would never do such a thing, one after the other saying, “Surely You don’t mean me, Master?” (v. 22) Notice I said, “Convince themselves.” They are not really sure, as they know full well that there have been doubts about their entire journey with Yahshua, yet they inevitably see themselves as better than betrayers. What of the other two? The betrayer of course is deceptive; “Surely You don’t mean me, Rabbi.” (v. 25) He furthers his deception by acknowledging Yahshua as teacher. He is exposed, yet is still in denial.

What of the possibility of the last disciple having a different experience? He is the wise and humble one. He is not pointed out specifically, but Yahweh sees the heart of man (1 Samuel 16:7). This humbled one knows he is capable of the betrayal, yet he loves his savior Yahshua. He feels every bit of his own weakness and longs to hold on no matter how wicked his heart may be. He is capable of love and deception. He is committed to his savior, yet wise enough to fear his own heart. He is the silent one. He does not speak during this event. All of the others say, “Surely not us Master.” They call Him Master, but this wise one is not so quick to speak. This one has judged himself. He has a deep realization that only grace allows him to be at the table and he is holding on with all he has. He takes no pride in his effort. He is afraid to leave the covering that has been gifted to him. He too is a betrayer, yet he believes in the offering to come. He knows that the shedding of blood is his only hope. He longs to be bought. He holds on with all he has.

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