The Day Yeshua (Jesus) Died and Does It Matter?

by on April 07, 2015

We need to understand history and facts. There is no way possible Yeshua died on good Friday.

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  1. Thank you for this confirmation. I’ve been reading scriptures since I was a child. But the church didn’t coincide with what it ACTUALLY SAYS. So when I grew up had children, I taught them, IF there EVER WAS a “crisis k kringle he’s dead now. Keep Sabbath, Easter doesn’t add up… but SURELY has nothing to do with eggs and bunnies!

  2. The HOLY SPIRIT told me to take my children out of the system and teach them at home. EVERYONE I KNEW was against me but 2 women. NOW “it’s a thing” and my grown children are sought after as mates for too many of people’s children because they SEE The LIGHT in them.
    YHWH bless you through the blood of YASHUA THE MESSIAH (or is it Yehushua?)
    One of the set apart,
    Ang and Mark and 6 children

  3. Jenny on said:

    Thank you for your informative videos and for being a light of truth in this deceived world. I personally believe Yeshua would have risen at the end of the Sabbath, at/around sunset. Since his body was put into the tomb before/around sunset on Wednesday, He would be in the ‘grave’ exactly 3 days and 3 nights as He said. I’m happy for your ministry to help spread the truth. Thanks for this video.

  4. Baraka on said:

    Thank you for telling the truth. I personally received Yeshua as my saviour once and get back to previous sinful life. Now I regret and I would like to receive Yeshua again what should I do?

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Hello, So glad you have come back to Yeshua learn what Yahweh wants us to do and how to live. The Torah means instructions. They are the first 5 books of the bible.

  5. You got the day of Passover correct, it was a Wednesday, with the resurrection three nights and three days later at evening twilight on what would be the Roman calendar day of Saturn. Per the Talmud, the year was 30 AD.
    However, Judaism had done away with Passover on the 14th day of the first month, relegating the 14th day to nothing more than the day of preparation, per the scriptures.
    If you understood the correct calendar of our Father, as instructed by the prophet Enoch, you would see that Messiah Yahusha sacrificed himself on HIS Sabbath, the 14th day of the first month, aka Passover.
    This particular year of 30 AD saw a celestial event known as the spring phenomena. This phenomena occurs on alternating cycles of eight and eleven years. When this phenomena occurs, the solar calendar of Enoch will align with the pagan lunar calendar of Judaism for the first month of the new year.

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