Suffer Well

by on May 29, 2020

Sufre’ Bien

(#152 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)
This is the title to this entire body of devotions, “Suffer Well!” The prevailing verse that is continually being brought into consciousness is Hebrews 2:10; For it was fitting for Him [that’s Yahweh], on account of Whom [Yahweh] all things are through, and Whom all things are from, in bringing many sons [that’s you] to glory, to lead the Prince [that’s Yahshua] of their [that’s you] salvation [saved mind] to perfection through sufferings.”

Yahshua, Who is our perfect example was made perfect through suffering. It would be ever so important to teach you according to the commanded precept that, even while suffering, “all things work for good” (Romans 8:28). And if suffering is good in its intended purpose, then we now hold a key to the perfected life, the perfected mind. Suffering is inevitably good and works for good. So, to rejoice in our sufferings would be the key.

To understand with inspired intellect that “If Yahweh only does what is good and perfect, then my suffering is intended to make me more like Him. His Son’s example of suffering demonstrates its holy intended purpose. In this, I can and will rejoice that my suffering is not for nothing.”

And so now, after so many devotions have been revealed to and within you, devotions that have taught you to lose your life (personal, ego filled desires), in order to find your life (a spiritually renewed mind), we felt an unction of the Spirit to remind you why we are all here together. It is to embrace every seeming pit fall, every valley experience, and every stumbling block, as a necessary encounter. Never see it as “warfare,” but instead as a spiritual encounter with a predetermined purpose. Suffering brings perfection loved one, and because we now know this, as it has been gifted to us by the Spirit to know, we do the supernatural; we suffer well.

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