Seek Yahweh Always

by on May 28, 2020

We are just passing through. We have a better final place waiting for us.

Figure Me Out

(#151 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

Though I Am to become predictable to you, it is only possible by My Spirit. Are all of your efforts and the cultivation of your faith focused on figuring Me out? Are you attempting to move My strong arm where you think it should be? When I tell you to seek Me, do you think it is so you can know My every move? Yes, My loved one, I do want you to operate according to My will. Be careful though; you must remember that My will overrides your wishes (hopes often steeped in “self” desire). My will has the last say. Do I have your permission to lead you right to the edge of My will, only to change course in the final hour? If the thought of this concerns you, then I need to remind you that My ways are higher than yours. They are better than and more perfect than yours (Isaiah 55:9).

May I give you an example? Oftentimes, you seek for only what My will is for your life. Perhaps you might even seek for the lives of those close to you. I am much bigger than that! I have a world vision in mind at all times, and it is very rare when one of My children seek according to My purposes alone, not mixed with their personal desires. A global plan for My body is paramount, but be of good cheer, I Am also concerned for the details of your life. I have your every desire in mind, even as I plan globally. I know all your needs ahead of time; every thought and every tear is collected (Psalm 56:8).

I have a word for all of you who are heartbroken, those who were so sure they had Me pinned down, those who had Me “figured out.” Yes, I never stopped being near to you. In time, you will see the bigger vision. You are not supposed to figure Me out; you are, instead, commanded to follow Me. Knowing My will means staying close to Me, as I do My work in and through you. Your obedience, your healthy fear, and love, all of these will open every necessary door, as I permit. Look at My ever globally focused Son. He was always attentive to Me, always doing as I say. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). He is the way to Me, the truth about Me, and the life found in Me. Do as He did; be as He was. Leave the rest to Me. I do love you so very deeply. You will love My plan when I Am done; I promise. His shed blood guarantees it.

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