How I found Hebrew Roots

by on December 09, 2013

Another great sorry of how someone discovered Hebrew Roots.

Dean Wheelock has a ministry that is a teaching ministry dedicated to exploring the Hebraic roots of the Christian Faith.  It began in the spring of 1996 when Dean & Susan Wheelock (husband and wife) felt a need to communicate to their friends and relatives what they had been learning about their Savior Y’shua HaMashiach (Yah-shoe’-ah Hah Mah-shee’-akh = Hebrew for ‘Jesus the Messiah’).  Since that time this Mom and Pop Ministry has grown to include Subscribers from around the world as well as a significant number of incarcerated Believers.

Much of the teaching taking place in the Christian Community today ignores the fact that Y’shua is not only our promised Savior, He was also a first century Jew.  He was reared in the Jewish lifestyle of that day, as were nearly all of those with whom He came in contact.


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  1. It was mentioned during the video that he had a background wwc is this the same group founded by Herbert W Armstrong which splintered into several other groups later on

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