Christmas Warning

by on December 22, 2017

Christmas Warning

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  1. I worship Jesus on CHRISTMAS Day…I attend Mass and remember that God sent his son into the world to save us from our sin.
    On Easter I worship Jesus because we recall His resurrection which makes it possible for all to be saved because He died for all and our sins.
    I do not like the commercialism of Christmas, but a small gift is like offering love to another…as God offered his son Jesus to us and the wise men came bearing gifts for Jesus on his birth.
    Isn’t better that most of the world recognize Christ Jesus our Lord on a singular day then not at all….this is our opportunity to tell others about Jesus and what He has done for us all.
    You sound a bit sour, as though you are hurting perhaps something from your past. But this is an opportunity to give our bitterness to Jesus as He changes it to joy.
    Yes it is true a lot of the world just looks on this time to get and give stuff to others….You and I and others know this is the time to recognize our Lord and Savior and to share His love with others. So don’t be bitter, be joyful….you cannot win people to Christ with anger and bitterness but only with love….We know we worship Jesus every day…..but others do not…..let us ask our Lord to reach out to those who have not worshipped or lived for him and open their hearts…and a transformation may just occur on what you call a pagan holiday. I call it a day filled with Christ, the light of the world…and if only one soul catches that light this Christmas ..then that pagan holiday is worth it.
    May God bless you and keep you this Christmas and always for his love is abundant for all. Peace!

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus. In all kindness and loving way, repent for taking part in this evil day. Please do the research and see the truth about it. There is so much information out there Do not deny it.

  2. Michael W Cuber on said:

    Pure and simple, Dec was the month of Worship of Solis Invictus, Emperor Aurelius’s Roman God of War. This month was also observed by the Greeks as Saturnellia, a week of drunkeness and gift giving. The Bible repeatededly warns us not to combine our Worship of YHVH with occult / pagan practices.
    We need to ask ourselves, would Yeshua approve of this, the answer is obvious!
    Why is Rome still dictating our actions as Christians 1700 years after the fact?

  3. Thank you: It is not based on scriptures. But there are so many persons who are devoted and have strong zeal to obey the true God. At some point the Most High will open their eyes.
    I am new to the US. I came from around the Red-Sea. The bloodline or geneology has NOTHING to do for ones salvation as some think so. Salvation is only and only by obedience to the Most High through spirit and truth. Spiritual Israel NOT physical Israel, Heavenly Jerusalem NOT earthly Jerusalem, spiritual seed of Abraham NOT fleshy seed of Abraham as some think so. Where is Abraham from? From Babylon. How was The Most High communicate with Abraham? Hebrew language?? As some say hebrew language is holy or better than the other languages. Some so called tribe of Israel say Yashua (Yesus) is black not white. Where did they get His picture?Long/short hair, long/short beard, long garment etc Ex. 20:4 .We need His WORD not His image…
    Please, go and visit the physical Israel, the people or google: Israel and Gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, ELGBT community there- 2017 Tel-Aviv Gay Pride Parade 200,000 people. this is only in one city. Extremely
    Horrible and Abomination. The leading the highest rank at least from the middle east. While doing this most of them claim, ‘ we honor Shabat (sabbath)’ shops are closed, etc. As a watch man cry, tear your clothes tell them by your language (hebrew) who knows some may repent and be saved.
    Remember the Nineveh people, are they Jewish or Israel? They are from Babylon, Assyria. They listened to the messenger of the Most High. They repented (changed their attitude). Psa. 51:17

    Salvation was prepared before the foundation of the world by The Most High. He has remnant or chosen people (Spiritual Israel). Anybody from the end to the end
    of the earth including the people of the physical Israel who choose to be a member of the Spiritual Israel is welcome by The Most High.

    Again I thank you and respect you. I found your web site by

  4. Lorrie, you are like many of the believers out there, Seeking words that tickle your ear. You say that committing sin (celebration of evil beliefs and gods) to bring in a single soul is acceptable? Bringing in 1 soul while condemning yourself makes no sense, especially if you are as devout as you think you are. You, dear sister, are deceived. Like all of us in the West, you have been programmed since birth to see things in a certain ‘light’ by movies, music, schooling, and all other forms of media. In reading your reply, I find you spend much of it to try and justify your actions. Can you not tell (by your own spirit) that you seem to be trying a little too hard to get your point across to other readers? Please pray on this matter and ask God the Father to remove your pre-programmed blinders in Jesus’ name. You are trying to be righteous and still hold onto the world. You must choose 1 or the other.

  5. Diane kemppainen on said:

    Thank you Torah Life (Paul Nison) for publishing
    This discussion on non-Biblical holidays.
    It is not easy to be different or set apart from
    The surrounding cultural practices. Its refreshing to
    Read these truth in love messages. If we compromise
    And participate in these pagan mixed celebrations
    Is not that a sign of being lukewarm and loss of

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