Am I a Christian?

by on September 02, 2013

I was recently interviewed on by a Christian radio host and he asked me if I was a Christian. Before I could answer the question I had to give him a little history of Christianity. Then I revealed to him what I consider myself.

Question for you. If you know the correct understanding of Christianity today and someone asked you if you were a Christian, what would you tell them?

2 comments on “Am I a Christian?

  1. I think your videos are true to the word , Im a christian but I really was not a reader of the bible in fact I just listen to the pastor and thats about it but since Ive been seeing your videos and I started to hear about your teachings and then I started to read and the more I red the more I started to realize that we need the torah and keep his instructions to be blessed …JESUS saved us but we need people to keep God we have a sinless life and live acordding to God ! Bless you Paul !

  2. What you really mean is you originally said that “Christians follow Constantine”, and have since been so totally, completely and utterly refuted that you now are trying to say YOU are a Christian, but under your bogus criteria of “jot and tittle” law of Moses. So if you are a Christian you would just say you are, instead of inventing man-made expressions. Your whole pack of lies has fallen apart all around you.

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