Why Was This Man Circumcised at 30 Years Old?

by on April 10, 2013

Sal Baldovinos, has a great reason why he decided to get circumcised at 30 years old. Check out the video and find out the reason.  Sal has a great website http://teshuvaministries.net. A wonderful resource for anyone looking to learn more about Torah.

3 comments on “Why Was This Man Circumcised at 30 Years Old?

  1. Sal, What a Yahsome testimony! I agree whole heartedly with your reasoning and your decision. Spirit first, physical second, at least with Abraham and you. Yes, we need both. It seems there are too many confused confessors of Christ out there who do twist Paul’s words about circumcision. You nailed it correctly. Now, I’d like to say that I have found that where the Bible speaks of Yahushua’s circumcision, YHWH would lead by example. When Yahushua was cut off, this was Abba’s own circumcision. Folks might not see this, but for myself, it is clear as crystal.
    Thanks to Paul Nison for sharing this important topic in such a rightous fashion.

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