When We Lift Our Hands

by on May 11, 2020
Do you share your testimony with people every day?
Do you share with people that Yeshua died for them?
Do you sing worship songs every day?
How bold will you be for our creator?
Go, Speak, Tell!!!!


When We Lift Our Hands

(#134 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

When we lift our hands to You Abba, what do we really intend? Are we worshipping? Do we really mean it? Is it possible to be filled with fears and doubt, and yet worship? Do You receive the worship of doubting people? How can we say we worship and adore You, but not trust You?

So very few of Your children live a life filled with power and grace. Is this why they hold up hands to You? Are they trying to pull something down from You, something deeply lacking in themselves? I ask again Abba; how can we worship You, but not truly trust You? Find me the man who says he does. Yes, Your Son is our comparison. How many raise their hands begging for mercy? This seems an appropriate reason to hold up holy hands. Is that worship Father? It seems like desperation. Is desperation power Father? Do we really believe Yahshua died for us? At times, it ironically seems more tangible to believe it was for Abraham, Moses or even Paul. Is it really for us?

Where are the ones who are anointed by Your touch Father, the ones who have lost their lives and found You? There are so few. Why Abba? Why? Your promises are for all of us who say we believe, correct? Forgive us for the mixed message we send, as we raise hands with doubt in our hearts. Help us believe, to believe in Your promises through Your Son and Your Ruach (Spirit). Grant us the faith of a mustard seed Abba (Matthew 13:31-32, 17:20). Birth belief in us Father, true belief. Make it real to us so we can move mountains (Mark 11:23). Prepare our hearts (minds) to suffer well for it. Help us to die to “self” so that we might offer genuine worship, for worship’s sake, and also for those who wonder about the faith of all who claim to believe what they so passionately preach, and seemingly, so strongly affirm.

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