What The Bible Says about Karma and Reincarnation

by on July 24, 2020

Job 35:2-8

(#214 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)


There was a time I didn’t know any better and believed in the crazy idea of Karma. With books like, “The Secret” I can understand how many people are deceived to think Karma is a good thing.
I never felt good about Karma because even though it puts a responsibility on people to live a good life and do good deeds, we are not perfect and because of this there would always be result of incompleteness.
That along with the idea of each person using their own feelings as a guide to determine what is truly good or bad makes it a very relative topic and scary topic. We try to justify our actions and its hard for us to admit we are not always good.
Everyone has a right to believe what they want but as a Bible student and teacher, I want to make one fact clear.
The idea of Karma and reincarnation is not in agreement with Scripture!
I understand this whole topic comes down to, you either believe in the Bible being the word of God, or you don’t.
Some people tell me that they don’t believe in the Bible because it was written by man but what they don’t understand is the commandments in the Scriptures were written by the hand of Yahweh! Everything else in Scripture, to some degree or another, is people writing about and discussing what GOD wrote.
I’ve said enough, all I ask is to see this video before you comment.


Highlighting verse 8: “Your wrong is for a man like yourself, and your righteousness for a son of man.”

    Brace yourself and answer a few questions for Me.  Do I need you to stop sinning for My benefit?  Is your righteousness going to make Me more Holy?  Can you perceive why I ask these questions?  Of course it is for your benefit alone that sinlessness and righteousness envelope your life.  Is it not true that you are being brought to My level once all things are perfected?  So you see, the entire scope of My word is your guide to become like Me and forever live with Me.  My presence has nothing flawed near it.  Can sin crouch at My doorstep? Must I master it? It is you who must! (Genesis 4:7)

    The reason I illuminate these things is so that you do not lose heart (mental stamina for righteousness) when affliction visits your doorstep.  Had you come willingly it would not be so.  That’s right My child; your rejection of anything I desire of you is really your rejection of My presence.  It is for your benefit that your punishment comes, and it is for you that there are rewards for obedience.  Would I tempt you to righteousness?  Of course I will!  It is the only way for My stiff-necked ones.  What I Am saying here inspires many reactions, many “attitudes” so to speak.  I see them all!  Some of you think that My longsuffering means I turn My eyes away from your sins.  Would you really want Me to leave you in such a sad state?  Others of you behave as if your sacrifice and obedience makes Me better in some fashion.  No, I will not entertain this frivolity either.

    It is for you My child.  All of it is for your benefit: the life, the commands, the consequences, the blessings, and the resurrection, all of it.  It is all so that you will become suitable to stand in My presence forever.  Yes dear one, the painful valleys come; the times when I must force you to change.  But remember always, I force you because I love you; and because I love you, I benefit you in every way.  I promise to complete the work I started in you (Philippians 1:6).

    So, if it is all for you, then what is the benefit for Me?  It is the perfected child, which is why I sent My Son; this is where My glory resides.

     Do you think this is right?  Do you say, “My righteousness is more than that of the Almighty?”  For you say, “Of what use is it to you?  What do I gain more than if I had sinned?” Let me answer you and your friends with you.  Look at the heavens, and see.  And consider the clouds which are higher than you.  If you sin, what would you do against Him?  If your transgressions are increased, what would you do to Him?  If you are righteous, what do you give Him?  Or what does He receive from your hand?  Your wrong is for a man like yourself, and your righteousness for a son of man. (Job 35:2-8)

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