Trust Yahweh

by on July 28, 2020

If Moses could, then who else?

(#218 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©) 

And they provoked wrath at the waters of Meribah [strife, controversy], and Moses suffered on account of them; because they rebelled against His Spirit, and he spoke rashly with his lips. (Psalm 106:32-33)

Do you believe your secret things are personal, hidden from plain sight? How easily you forget My decrees, the patterns in which I operate. Have you not heard; have you not read? Moses, My priest, My chosen ruler, was unable to cross over into the land promised to him (Numbers 20:7-13), and ultimately to you (1 Corinthians 10:1-4). How convenient it was for My children to blame Moses for striking the rock twice, in his own personal anger, instead of speaking to it as commanded. How quaint to rest it all on his shoulders, this momentary sinful act. Listen to Me child; it was you who provoked My servant, it was you who pulled him to his fleshly edge, just as it was you who nailed Yahshua to the stake! Consider this; were you a sinner because Adam sinned, or were you a sinner because you would have done what Adam did? I purposely use “were you a sinner” in place of “are you a sinner” assuming you have adopted your true identity in Messiah.

Quiet now, and listen to Me. Do not say in your heart, “I was not there; I was not even alive at the time.” No, you were not, but should I call to account the many ways you provoked Me this year alone; or this week; or this very day? For the obstinate ones, let Me help you. Has your complaining ever caused another to lose peace? Has your discontent ever bothered someone else? This is why I have called you to rejoice no matter what your circumstances might be. You need to rejoice, not only to remain obedient for your own personal peace, but for others as well. I hold you responsible for the joy and peace of others.

Are you still resisting? Freely My Son has given, and yet you hold back, not willing to die to your own personal desires. “What desires,” you ask? Naming one should suffice. The desire to simply not obey Me and do all that I say. Perhaps you remember how I often called My people “stiff necked!” I still do.

All of creation is eagerly waiting for a people who live what they preach (Romans 8:19). You boast of My might and My glory. Yet, your boasting is only a “form” of righteousness because your behavior is as if I Am powerless (2 Timothy 3:5). I Am waiting to reveal those who trust My every word, and therefore, find the fullness of life. These infectious ones are the literal manifestation of what My Word calls “the sons of Yahweh,” and they will transform people by their very presence (Again Romans 8:19). It is an infectious power that will draw people to you, just like My Son. Take responsibility for your own peace and joy, and in doing so, become responsible for the joy and peace of others. You never know who you are keeping from the Promised Land; you never know who you might bless.

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