Torah Portion #13 Sh’mot (Exodus 1:1-6:1)

by on January 01, 2013

This is the first teaching in the book of Exodus and is about the record of events of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and development as a nation. Four hundred years had passed since Joseph moved his family to Egypt. These descendants of Abraham had now grown to over two million. To Egypt’s new pharaoh, the Hebrews were foreigners, and their numbers were frightening. Pharaoh decided to make them slaves so they wouldn’t upset his balance of power. As it turned out, that was his biggest mistake. This weeks reading show’s how Our Creator rescued His people!

4 comments on “Torah Portion #13 Sh’mot (Exodus 1:1-6:1)

  1. Renanah on said:

    Shalom Paul just wanted to tell you that i’m very excited about your new addition to the family. i pray and hope that will yahweh will bless the delivery to be a smooth and sucessful one. i also am very curious about what you are going to name her/ the concordance is a great place to look for a name in my opinion . thats how yahweh showed my dad my name

  2. Thanks Paul, the lesson was great as usual. I agree with you concerning the name of the creator. God and Lord just doesn’t seem to do our creator justice. Thank you and praise YAH.

  3. Joyce E. Savannah on said:

    Some how last year I missed the part in Torah where it says the wonders of YHVH were done by Mosheh and Aharon for the people of Israel and for the Pharaoh and his people of Egypt.
    Thanks again

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