Bible Q&A: New To Torah; What Should I Be Doing?

by on December 31, 2012

What are we supposed to be doing? I just started reading the Torah and I want to do all He wants me to be doing. Could you please tell me how to figure this out?

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  1. Renanah on said:

    Shalom Paul my name is renanah from miami and i wanted a little advice on matters dealing with doing what yahweh wants.I’m some what new to the faith its been maybe 2 years now,and it has been a struggle for me because i still attend high school. its hard to go to school and know what i know and be exposed to so much things that yahweh doesnt want me to do and i find my self conforming at times.what should i do?i dont want to be so easily moved to do what the people around me are doing although this is my last year i understand that if i cant handle being in a school with sinners how can i survive the world when i get out of school..if its me…what can i do to fix this problem

    • tlmadmin on said:

      School is a great testing ground for the world. There will always be hard times but my answer is to keep in prayer and Yah will reveal to you what to do. Try to find friends who are at least strong Christians and hang out with them. But a local Torah group, messianic assembly etc. would be great. good Fellowship will be a big help to you. I’m sure you can find people in your area. there are a good amount of torah keepers in Miami. Stay strong sister.

    • Alicia L Barker on said:

      I want to take my hat off to you sister for you are daniel in the lions den the world is nothing compared to school. You are youth impressionable and everyone is godless curriculum is pseudononsense and god did intend for us parents to train you to pray morning, noon, and night in the ways you should go like artsy or sciency according to your personality we were to teach the way dt 6:5 but he did not sanction the demomic indoctrination of children for twenty years and leave it up to strangers with an ungodly agenda to teach nontorah during your formative years and parents support this agenda. Understand that you are surrounded inside a matrix that god has shed light upon and as you unplug you find it almost impossible to act holy with them for him and produce the unholy results expected by this godless system and indoctrinated society of Babylon. Have yourself prayer over my suggestion and parental dialogue for authority and honor if Jesus confirms this I say get the book The Deliberate Dumming down of America by former head for dept of edu during Reagans first term,Charlotte Iserbyt…if the truth shall set you free you are free indeed through Yahuah’s son and liberated by his spirit. I honor your young mind caring enough to even consider such moral faithfulness issues and pray you find a happy overcoming empowerment in HIM to be in but not of this world I am rooting for you sis be encouraged with him u can do all and nothing can be against that if he is for it and he is! amen

  2. What are your thoughts on the Artscroll English Tanach – Stone Edition. I have been told that it is a fully accurate English translation of the Hebrew Bible that contains Rabbinic Thought. Have you used it? Do you recommend it? Thank you in advance.


  3. what are parents to do with disobedient children? It does say that you are supposed to stone kids that don’t listen.

  4. Yes, you are right, but you have to understand that the punishment for sin is death. Every sin leads to death, but after Yeshua came he took that punishment on himself. That is what apostle Paul talked about in his epistles. We are forgiven by God, because of Yeshua’s sacrifice for all sins. What does it mean? That means that we are not longer stoned to death for transgressing the law. That’s why you need to believe in Yeshua in order to be forgiven. People who don’t believe in Yeshua will face punishment for their sins in the afterlife, even we, if we don’t follow our Messiah.

    The last important thing you have to know is that the Law was upgraded by our Master, is was put on the higher spiritual level. As our heavenly Father has forgiven us our transgression we have to forgive other people their transgression. Do you remeber the story when the pharisees came to Yeshua with a woman who comitted adultery? Yeshua didn’t say: Leave her alone. We are not longer under the Law. No, what he said was: He who is without sin, cast the first stone, which was simply: The Law is not abolished but you understand it in the wrong way. The Law is about compasion, forgivness, and love towards our neighbor. As apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 5:14 ” For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” The other intresting thing is that Jesus said to the adulterous woman: “Go and sin no more”. So yes, it is a sin to transgress the Law.

    The Law is still biding but not in the way the orthodox jews are observing it, because they add their own traditions to it. It’s biding in the way Yeshua kept it. The orthodox jews say that the five books of Moses and the prophets are not complete and we can’t understand them without outside sources. And you know what? I agree with them with one exception. Those sources are not Talmud (orthodox jewish oral law) but the books of the New Covenant. Orthodox jews got their rabbis to explain the Torah for them and we got the Messiah to explain the Law for us. We observe the Torah according to our rabbi Yeshua. He is the only one who explains the Torah correctly because he is from Heaven. He never abolished the law, he fullfilled the Law and explained it to us, thats why we don’t stone people. Not even the orthodox jews do it, and they rarely did it in the past that’s why the pharisees had to lie so much about Yeshua to get him killed by the Romans. They accused Yeshua of blasphemy but they couldn’t kill him because it was agaisnt the Torah (!) that’s why Yeshua was crucified by the heathens. I hope you think about that deeply and ask God to lead you, God bless you, in Yeshua’s name.

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  6. Shalom Paul. There seems to be some confusion among some concerning what engagement really is…I was told that if you are engaged you are actually married in Gods eyes. My husband was engaged in high school and the girl broke the engagement. Are they actually still married?

    • dixie on said:

      I would say no because they may have made a committment to each other through the engagement… but they have not made a committment to each other before GOD…

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