The Potter’s Hand

by on February 07, 2020

The Potter’s Hand

(#039 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

Why must you continuously kick against the goads? It never works (Acts 9:5) because you are never alone. As you struggle and strain to fulfill what you believe is His will, you automatically presume that because what you are engaged in is “for Him” that He will be with you and will favor your outcome. Yes, it is true that Yahweh is always with His chosen ones. However, you must not get caught in the trap that blinds you from seeing that not everything you claim to do “for Him” is actually for Him. In many instances is really for yourself and others. Perhaps, then, what it means that “you are never alone” actually refers to an even much bigger role He plays in your life than you formerly imagined, one which, until now, you’ve refused to see. Here it is; He is not always with you to favor your outcome, but He is constantly crafting and molding His chosen vessels for honor (Romans 9:21).

The Potter is always fulfilling His plans for His Body, plans that are far more complex than you may be thinking. Your failures and successes are being supernaturally crafted at the Potter’s wheel to affect the entire unified Body; the commonwealth of Israyl (Ephesians 2:11-13). As you yield to the effects of His hands, your pliable heart (a mind once bound only to carnal desire: Ezekiel 36:26) will soon acknowledge that the Potter is always molding His creation into a beautifully crafted temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), His Son being the chief cornerstone (Psalm 118:22). As the water (Spirit precipitation) softens you (the clay being molded) in the hands of the Master, allow the process (the spinning wheel) to perfectly shape you into a vessel of honor created for His purpose. Yield voluntarily; obey to the point of death, or the yielding will be mandated by His Spirit (Philippians 2:5-11). Knowing that Yahweh will ultimately have His way every time, isn’t it so much better to wait and hear His voice, rather than to presume and do it your way?

Ultimately, if you have decreed to be doing something “for Him”, and in the end it turns out it was not so, do not despair. The final outcome can be shifted at a moment’s notice to teach you a lesson even greater than the blessing you might have expected from doing what you had originally presumed was for Him. Even if the lesson is painful to learn, it is not a failure! Embrace it with the same joy and gratitude as if what you had set out to do came to pass. He is Sovereign over both the things He reveals and those things He alone knows will take place. Never try to control situations. Take strides but never strive. Let Yahweh be Yahweh; all is well!

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