The Most Controversial Bible Topic

by on October 14, 2013

Here is an interview with Bible Teaching Frank Houtz. In this interview he gives a great answer to the question, what is the most controversial topic about the Bible.

Frank’s website is

One comment on “The Most Controversial Bible Topic

  1. stacy on said:

    I thought he may have spoken on the Name or obiediencfe to the torah. I believe the enemy is using the pronounceation of the Fathers Name to cause Division with in the Body of Messiah ! that ought Not Be ! please address thi issue asap. We are saved by YESHUA and in His name Alone and by Obiedience to His Word ,Which is the whole council of EloHimI torah and the prophets Malchi 4…… IF WE SEE HIM WE SEE THE FATHER ALSO AMIEN SHALOM SHALOM

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