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by on November 16, 2020

Be Wholly Holy

(#318 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)


“King David then said to the whole assembly; my son Solomon, whom alone Yahweh has chosen, is still young and inexperienced, and the task is great, for the palatial temple is not for man, but for Yahweh our Mighty One.” (1 Chronicles 29:1)

King [the ruling attribute] David [the love and praise of Yahweh] said to the whole assembly [thoughts gathered in the conscience of the congregation]; My son [perpetuating thoughts] Solomon [peace and wholeness in conscience], whom alone [none other than peace and wholeness] Yahweh has chosen [specified as the builder of His Temple], is still young [naïve, not fully perfected] and inexperienced [untested], and the task is great [transformation from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Yahweh within], for the temple [spiritual house, dwelling place of Kingdom reality] is not for man [fallen ego, self, wicked thoughts], but for Yahweh our Mighty One [perfection].

Let us paraphrase. Love and worship are supreme above all things and will ultimately overtake all of your thoughts. The inevitability that this will happen will persist until nothing but peace and wholeness pervade your being. Even though you do not demonstrate these perfect attributes yet, it is a certainty because Yahweh has chosen you for such an inheritance. The replacement of worldly thinking with Kingdom thinking is a monumental work and requires much training. But ultimately, it will be as if the Kingdom was inside of you all along.

You must be ever so careful to root out anything that represents a lack of spiritual wholeness; this is a tremendous work that must be done. A wholly holy mind is one that carefully and meticulously keeps the Laws of Yahweh [observes patterns of His mind]. This is what the spiritual temple is; the unredeemed thoughts of man fully and permanently replaced with the mind of Yahweh.

Only Yahweh can build His House within you. And He does so by equipping you. He uses His Spirit (power), His Son (salvation of the mind), and His Laws (instructions; patterns; framework) to build His House, the spiritual temple within you. This is the greatest honor imputed to man, Yahweh allowing man to participate with Him in building the spiritual temple, coming to spiritual perfection. And in doing so, He saves you from the one thing that could have destroyed you forever; yourself.

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  1. Thanks for this message… It helps me while I walk on this journey to get closer to our Father Yahweh and his son Yahshua the Messiah…

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