Should Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving?

by on November 12, 2017

Should Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving? 

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  1. Cesar Martinez on said:

    Brother, I thank the Father for all your messages and as you encourage us to research to find the facts behind all these practices. I pray that you will do the same regarding the Father’s Name because I heard the name Yahweh might just be a deity of a god from the ancient Persia time.

    Love in Yeshua

  2. Michael W Cuber on said:

    Did a google search and couldn’t find an occult origin as Christmas and Easter. Seems to be based off of the Safe Arrival of Ships in Virginia, and the Pilgrims first successful harvest for which both groups gave thanks to God Almighty. The original dates for these celebrations are thought to have been between late Sept. and early Nov. much like our own Yom Truah and Sukkot.
    Unfortunately, by this logic we could rule out Hanukkah which was not commanded by God, but is a Feast which Messiah is recorded as going up to Jerusalem to observe. I’d leave the Gentiles alone on this one as it seems to have an origin exactly as its name implies. You get off a rickety ship half dead from sea sickness and desease and you’d probably mark that as a special day to give Thanks to God as Well. Really like your Torah based perspective Paul, but I think your missing a Torah based principle of giving Thanks to your Creator on this one; although, it is God that Sacntifies a True Holy Occassion, such as Shabot, Pasach, Shvua Ot, Lag B’Omer, Yom Truah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. What would we do with Hanukkah, I think it is based on a special day of survival for our people as well?!
    Shecklim Shtiyim Sheli

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