Rosh Chodesh New Moon Blessing

by on August 12, 2013

Rosh Chodesh New Moon Blessing

3 comments on “Rosh Chodesh New Moon Blessing

  1. Joyce E. Savannah on said:

    Thank you for this knowlege of the New Moon of each month. I don’t hink many who worship YHWH realize we are to observe the sighting of the New Moon each month and that this is according to YHWH’s calendar and not the roman calendar. I personally mark the days according to the sightings each month in Israel.
    Shalom, Shalom.

  2. Mary Dunlap on said:

    Beautiful. I’m trying to learn a sung blessing for our gatherings. Yours is beautiful. Do you have the words written out in Hebrew, & English to go with this audio?
    Baruch Hashem, Todah

  3. Mary Dunlap on said:

    ‘ה’ רצון מ’לפנ’ך ‘הוה אלוה’נו ואלוה’
    אבות’נו שתחדש על’נו חודש טוב
    באדונ’נו ‘שוע המש’ח אמן

    I’m just a student, but is this right?

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