Love Your Enemy

by on March 22, 2020

Kneel With Thy Enemy

(#084 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)
Why do I tell you to love your enemy? Why do I insist you pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:44)? May I ask you a sobering question? Are you any different than those you call enemies, those who hurt you? And what makes you different?

Common answers:

“They are trying to purposely hurt me.”

“They don’t have any love in their hearts.”

“They don’t even believe in Jesus.”

Apart from My grace and salvation, doesn’t that describe you as well? Couldn’t the same be said of you at one time in your life? Are you willing to accept that even today you would be the same without Me? Yes, I know it may be hard for you to hear this, but you must listen. Do not be dull of hearing; your future depends on it. Have I not proclaimed that when your ways are pleasing to Me, I will make even your enemies at peace with you (Proverbs 16:7)? Everything that your enemy is: rude, inconsiderate, prideful, and boastful; were you not the same? Yes, you may assert that you love Me more than your enemies do, but the love you have for Me comes from Me. Why would you take credit for it? Remember, you did not choose Me; I chose you (John 15:16)!

Here is a righteous perspective for you to consider My loved one. Your sin is inexcusable because My Son gave you the ability to NOT sin, and yet you still do. You still do! Shall My Son call you an enemy because you lack love at times? Have you not hurt others with your words? Could it be said that your sin is a direct correlation to the lack of love and reverence you have for Me? Do you see it yet My child? Don’t run from this wisdom. Yes, I want you to be convicted as you read these words. Come in humility and I will hand you the keys to My Kingdom, the Kingdom of the unoffendable!

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