Indebted To Who?

by on February 14, 2020

Indebted To Who?

(#047 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)
Is it not the very thing that comforts you to the core of your soul? Is it not in our model prayer; “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive the debts of our debtors?” (Matthew 6:12) The forgiveness of debt is the removal of pain, remorse, guilt and shame; the torture stake covered all obligations. It is the very thing that brought your soul back to life; real life, a redeemed life.

And yet Caesar has placed trillions of dollars, and counting, of debt burden in your minds and, therefore, on your shoulders. It is there with every credit card bill, with every loan, with every tax, with every levy, with every price jump of “goods and services,” and with every news report that mentions the “state of the economy.” It is literally there with every purchase. Yet, the words of Yahweh are meant to bring clarity where there is confusion. They are meant to make your yoke easy and your burden light (Matthew 11:30). And with that in mind, let’s take a fresh look at what it means to “Give Caesar what is Caesar’s.” (Matthew 22:21)

It became “Americanized!” That is what happened to your mind when you acquiesced to the idea that anyone who identifies themselves as “leaders” must therefore be God-appointed “governing authorities.” If a house divided cannot stand (Luke 11:17), then how is it possible that the One who predestined you to be set free from all debts, would then raise up authorities who place trillions of “dollars” of debt upon you? Is there any variation or shadow of turning (James 1:17) in the One who you call “Lord?”

Listen to the voice of Yahweh loved one: “If I proclaim that anyone holding debt against you is wicked (Matt 18: 32-33), then would I choose leaders who place an insurmountable debt on the shoulders of you and your children’s children to countless generations?” Yet how easily you fell into Caesar’s trap believing that “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s!” meant that you were beholden to him. To the contrary, the burden you feel in your mind from Caesar-created obligations is Caesar’s burden. So, in obedience to His command, give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s!

Note: US Dollars are actually “Federal Reserve Notes.” A “Note” is not real money; it is an I.O.U. debt instrument. Are you carrying debt in your wallet?

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