If Yeshua is the savior, why are so many requirements to be saved?

by on December 24, 2023

This video is my reply to this viewer’s question

Hi, can you please help with some answers? If Jesus is the savior- he atones for sin and he is the Life, then why are so many requirements to be saved? Like you have to forgive, love your brothers, be perfect, etc., etc. Doesn’t this mean that we are saving ourselves by fulfilling the requirements? And if we save ourselves by doing certain things, how is Jesus saving us? How does salvation work? Please if you can answer without quoting Paul, but either with your words or OT quotes! I have personal issues with Paul. If we are saved by the atonement, then we still need to do God’s will in order to be in his presence, but if we sin, are we still under the atonement? And what is the guarantee for salvation then? Who will be even saved? I don’t understand…

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