Encouraged with Hope

by on April 10, 2020

This New Desire

(#103 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)


There is a new desire birthed in me, forged in the valley of humiliation, to become a servant who leads with a heavenly purpose and passion for only His will. This new desire is that every move and every thought are in alignment with the advancement of His good things. I am seeing a vision with new perspectives radically shifted and renewed. I have this hope, this new-found dream in which anxiousness is replaced by vigor and integrity. I am still bound in the natural, yet experience freedom. I am truly free for the first time. Yes, I thought so before, outside this valley, yet now I see. I am reborn. Even though I am a captive of man, I am experiencing a powerful surge of rebirth in the spirit. My temperament is reserved, yet, I am prepared to burst into newness. He will do it. Yes, He will do it!

Oh, and He spoke to me. He spoke so loud and clear. “Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23)

Like a thousand trumpets, He spoke. All my hope is in Him (Psalm 39:7). The prison in which I sit is the womb. Oh, His word is life. It is all that matters. I have been perishing and I must rise again to fulfill this new desire. The day of reconciliation will come. Restitution will come. Rebirth will come. Life I say, life!

It’s there, this new dream. Let it be Father. Let it be so. Yet, for these new dreams placed in my heart, dreams of things to come, I shall set them free knowing they can only come true if You remain my One desire. They shall be released to You, Father. You will retrieve your son from his captors. Only You can do it. Only you can. Your sons and daughters are meant to soar like eagles (Exodus 19:4). Oh Yahweh, we hope in You.

I say to Yahweh, “You are Yahweh; apart from you I have no good thing.” (Psalm 16:2)

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