Born Again, Two Times!

by on January 31, 2011

Today’s guest Daniel Botkin is the messianic teacher who talks about how he was a born again Christian but felt like he became born again, again when he became a messianic believer in Messiah Yeshua. Daniel talks about the difference between most Christians and Messianic Believers.

2 comments on “Born Again, Two Times!

  1. Renanah on said:

    shalom paul i have a question… you believe jesus and yeshua are the same person because to me they seem like two totally diffrent kinds of people by way of looking at this video.yeshua like the man mentioned kept the sabbath, the feast,and isnt ashamed of his hebrew roots but jesus on the other hand doesnt convict his people to keep the sabbath or do the feast instead he promotes the holidays.jesus just seems like another false messiah.because to say that yeshua is jesus real name would mean that yeshua agrees with all of the things that most christian are doing if their the same person yahweh has really been dealing with me about this i would really appreciate your view concerning this matter

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