Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday July 28th, 2017 @ 10pm est

by on July 28, 2017

Host Paul Nison and 9 other guest fellowship and discuss Bible Topics.

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One comment on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday July 28th, 2017 @ 10pm est

  1. Paul,
    Awesome fellowship! This was the first time I listened, and I will make it a Shabbat habit. I wish I had listened in yesterday. I am a retired police officer, and I am also an Air Force Veteran (active duty), and I am currently in the USAF Reserves. I will retire next year. I could have given another perspective of being in the military. I love your show. I have military duty next weekend; but I will log in Friday evening. God bless you and what you do. In Yeshua, Vanita

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