Appointment For All Christians

by on April 02, 2014

The feast of Passover is an appointed time for all Christians.

3 comments on “Appointment For All Christians

  1. Dean Westpfahl on said:

    Good information, Paul. I was planning to call into your weekly Torah Call In Radio Show to ask about this very topic.

  2. Being children of the light wouldn’t we follow a solar calender instead of a lunar calendar.
    Wouldn’t the Spring Equinox March 20 – 22 be the first day of the year, the Passover 14th day and the weekly Sabbath 6 pm to 6 pm every 7th – 8th day.

  3. today’s jew’s follow a maternal bloodline like the canaanites used to do but scripture states the paternal line is where the inheritance is passed from father to son Abraham to Isaac (Saxon’s?) to Jacob. The Israelites of the Bible never mention a maternal lunar way of genealogy that I can find.

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