A New Heart-Masterfully Restored

by on March 20, 2020

Masterfully Restored

(#082 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

The concept of restoration brings many different thoughts to mind. Maybe it’s the renovation of a classic automobile, or the refurbishing of a piece of vintage furniture, or the polishing of an old war piece to bring about its original luster. The idea of restoration involves taking something from the past, repairing it and cleaning it up, so it appears to be new again.

May we share with you Yahweh’s concept of restoration? You see, His way is much different than yours. When He sent His Son to die for your sins, it was not to restore you to your original luster. It was to change you into something completely different, brand new, but different. His restoration does not make you into a “new version of the old you;” it makes you into a totally new creature, like a different species with different DNA. You are made brand new, right out of the box, or coffin if you will. All you were from the past is erased.

Yahweh obviously enjoys the restoration business, making all things new; and He starts in your heart (mind). (Revelation 21:5; Ezekiel 36:26). Becoming brand new was not something you could even conceptualize until that predestined moment when Yahshua, in all His glory, was revealed to your heart. Know this; His process involves much patience, similar to what is needed to restore an old car. And although the transformation begins at the point of redemption, the refining (complete salvation of the mind) can take years to fully form in you (Galatians 4:19).

This refining involves your participation for several reasons. First, He desires that you glorify Him because of it, which is the reason for your restoration in the first place. Second, your daily choice to love Him is what the entire journey is about. To love and glorify Him is a decision you must make. Third, the restoration is to show others the beauty of the new creation, so they too might want to come and enjoy the same journey. Oh, how pleased you will be with His finished product. You are truly one of a kind, an original.

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