The Truth About the Way Women Dress

by on October 19, 2018

Women are dressing in a way that is causing men to sin! Most women don’t even think about it, while other women defend their actions and say men should not look if it causes an issue.

Ladies, I understand all of you are not guilty of this, but please understand, the motive of your heart does not change the effect of your appearance.

For a woman to feel she has to show off her body to be accepted or loved is very sad. Much of it is the result of Hollywood, Television etc.

Men need to do a better job respecting and appreciating modest woman and do a better job at covering your eyes when a woman is not modest.

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2 comments on “The Truth About the Way Women Dress

  1. Nancy Bradshaw on said:

    When l met Jesus Christ l did not know the name Yashua Yahshua Yeshua Yehovah Yahovah nor YeHoVah l knew Lord Jesus Christ
    l asked Him how l was to dress and He told me to NOT wear anything that caused LUST
    If l wore something that caused LUST the sin was on me and if l wasn’t wearing something lustful and the man lusted the sin was on him but l was not to cause the lust in any way
    He did not tell me to cover my head
    The bible says a woman’s hair is her glory and the glory of her head so when she covers it she is hiding hers and his glory
    I was not told to cover my head
    1Cor 11:5-6 is NOT talking about a scarf a hat or cloth
    It is talking about her HAIR You cannot shave a rag off her head common sense here
    May y’all be blessed kept and covered by blood and grace

    • Just in reply to Nancy Bradshaw, thanks for your sharing 🙂 (And for a disclaimer, I haven’t got around to watching the video yet! It’s 51 mins..)

      I would to thank you for being precise and honest in saying “He did not tell me to cover my head” and “I was not told to cover my head”.

      It is quite different from Jesus saying “Do not cover your head,” which would be contrary to the Word.

      I have heard also from one lady that God reminded her to cover her head. This was when she was not quite sure about head coverings.

      I have also seen women of God who are anointed without head coverings. I think that’s the grace of God!

      Personally, my view is head coverings. I realised that I have to use my mind quite a bit to reason out of wearing head coverings lol.

      But I think each woman, in this age, must search the scriptures ourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal for themselves.

      It’s not a practice that can be imposed. It must be kept by choice and from the heart.

      And if Jesus did not tell you to wear head covering after you’ve asked Him (out of curiosity, did you ask Him specifically?), then I don’t think it’s necessary for you to. Maybe there are seasons for this, I don’t know…

      I personally wear a head covering myself especially when I’m out of the house. Though I feel, I should like to wear it all the time. But at this point of time, there is no compelling urge in my heart to do so. But I believe when I’m ready, I would be glad to wear it all the time. Sometimes, I do pray without the head covering at home. I don’t feel bad if I do so. But I prefer to pray with it. 🙂

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