We Humans

by on June 26, 2020

We Humans

(#180 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)


Is it only the humble who take great pleasure in Your Sovereignty? It is the wise among us who freely surrenders his will back to You, oh Yahweh. Was it ever his to give? Is it only the contrite who hand everything over to You to do as You wish? Was it ever his to hand back? Who are those that understand fully what You intended for Your children Israyl? We fail to discern our own steps, though we try so hard. We humans can only hope for what lies ahead. However, You Yahweh have full knowledge of the end of all things. Will the plans we establish in our own hearts (intellect) ever be exactly as we hoped? Do only the little ones leave the end results up to You? Who are those that won’t even plan without Your permission? Are these the ones You seek out? Are all paths Yours, even those that bring pain, even those littered with sin? Is it only the devout who consider Your will? How could a Sovereign One have multiple wills toward mankind? Who understands that all things fall under One will? Because this is so, even when the foolish speak, moments of truth can be detected. Who ponders realities not yet disclosed? But we [the mature] speak the wisdom of Yahweh in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which Yahweh ordained before the ages for our glory. (1 Corinthians 2:7)

Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Yahshua, and all for Your glory Yahweh (Philippians 2:10). Only the obedient understand that all things are useless apart from Your glory? How can we attain more than what has already been given? How can we not partake of the milk and honey when Your Son sealed it for us?

Here we are, we humans. We are placed on Your path. Some of us know the answers to all the questions here. How much do the answers matter? Here is what I’ve learned from the vanity I’ve experienced; these two things I often consider. As I am walking either the road less traveled, or the busy highways of man, Yahweh has taught me to give thanks and rejoice. Could this answer EVERY question? Could it be? If I do these two things, could I then choose my own path? It is only the prudent who acknowledge that, even then, the decisions were Yours all along!

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